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Onsite Computer Repair in Nampa Idaho

Computer Repair in Nampa Idaho

Onsite Computer Repair Service in the Treasure Valley (Idaho)

     Computers tend to fail at the worst possible times. Frustrating as this is, it leads us to the question, “when is the best possible time?” The best answer is never.

     Customers just want their computers to work. They usually understand the reality of things breaking once in awhile.

     People just want to know they are getting the best PC computer repair, and that they can afford it. Most people don't think to budget computer repair, even businesses.

PC Computer Repair Support Checklist
1. Do you trust your Computer Technician?
Trust covers everything. Do they repair your computer right the first time, quickly, for a fair price? Do they protect your data?
2. Computer fixed right the first time?
You shouldn't see your PC repair person so often you think they should be on a retainer (unless you have an office full of computers).
3. Keep your data secure?
Data is often the computers most valuable asset. We keep your data safe from loss and exposure.
4. Computer repaired quickly?
I believe your computer should spend more time on your desk than mine. This should not supercede item 1 or 2.
5. Computer repair prices reasonable?
Reasonable rates. Computer parts should never cost more than a new computer. Saving data may be an exception (customer call). Should not supercede item 1 or 2.
     Computers are made of simple parts, there’s just millions of them. If one fails, it could cripple the entire computer. Finding that one part, whether it is a physical part (computer hardware) or programming errors (computer software) is the real challenge to any computer repair support.

     A person used to buy a computer and use it until something broke. Upgrades were only necessary if it provided a needed feature. A new computer was something you got when you could afford it.

     The advent of the internet had a huge effect on the computer repair business. Web masters tend to assume everyone has about the same computer equipment they do. Since they work on a computer for a living, they usually have pretty nice computers. So, everyone who is attached to the internet needs to keep up. The good news is, computer prices keep falling.

Our Own Computer Repair Site in Nampa Idaho

     The big advantage of the internet is the ability to obtain just about any type of information. The disadvantages of the internet is while attached, you can get a variety of different virus, adware, spyware types of problems. Some of these problems can be devastating, not only to your computer, but your identity and bank accounts as well.

     Since viruses have become the primary subject of computer support, it becomes necessary to let the computer run time consuming scans. Charging by the hour for this service would quickly cost more than a new computer.

     Our solution to this problem is a work bench designed to troubleshoot several PC’s at the same time. The result, you are only charged for keyboard time instead of the full scan time. In a nutshell, scan time can add up to several hours while keyboard time is only several minutes per scan, instead of an hour or more.

Computer Network Consulting Services

     MTG EnterPrizes has been doing computer network consulting services for years, designing networks from 2 to 125 computers. Now days, because of the internet, most people even have a small network at home. We build computer home network systems, including both wired and wireless networks.

     We have experience with many kinds of network topologies including Windows Servers, Unix Servers and Internet Servers. Most network repairs are done onsite simply because people really can't bring us their networks.

About Computer Repair at MTG EnterPrizes

     Michael Gray from MTG EnterPrizes earned his Master Electronics Technician (mET) degree back in the 70's. Also received his Masters Certification in Digital Electronics from ISCET. He has been doing onsite computer repair in Idaho since 1984. The IBM Personal Computer was still in its infancy.

     We remember how the Personal Computer was designed and why, first hand. We even remember DOS 1.0 and Windows 1.0 and still have a lot of that old documentation to prove it (back when you got more than just a pamphlet). This experience and knowledge translates to a better understanding of todays computers. This helps ensure fast and accurate computer office repair for all your personal computers.

     If you need a custom desktop computer, MTG EnterPrizes has built and repaired thousands of them over the years. We continue to learn the newest technologies.

     Michael Gray from MTG EnterPrizes has been through several dealer and technician training programs. These include the IBM Personal Computer IBM Repair Training, the AT & T Authorized Dealer Repair Training and the Compaq Authorized Dealer Repair Service Education Training.

...but the learning never stops!

     If a person could ever get to a point where they knew everything about computers (impossible), it would all change in about a week anyway. Understanding the fundamentals of how a computer works, makes it possible to quickly understand what needs to be known in order to find the best solution to the problem at hand.

Note: The Treasure Valley of Idaho includes Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Middleton, Emmett, Melba, Marsing, Garden City, Notus, Murphy, New Plymouth, Bowmont, Huston, Homedale, Payette, Weiser, Garden City, Parma and Wilder.