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Computer Repair in Nampa Idaho

Custom Desktop Computer

Custom Desktop Computer      At MTG EnterPrizes, we can build you a custom desktop computer. Whether you want a custom Intel computer or a custom AMD computer, MTG uses the best parts available. If you intend to use a lot of graphics or play games, choose the AMD computer. If you want to run your business efficiently, try the Intel computer.

     MTG EnterPrizes has been Keeping People and their Computers Working since 1984.

Custom AMD Computer

     We’ve been building custom AMD computers for many years. One advantage of custom over boxed computers is the versatility. You not only get the features you need, but we can build in possible expansion for your future needs.

Custom Intel Computers

     We can build around the Intel processor, including multiple CPU systems. If you like to have something fast and compatible to the rest of the world, try a custom Intel computer.

Please call for current prices.