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Laptop Computer Repair

Computer Repair in Nampa Idaho

Netbook Computer Repair

Custom Desktop Computer      Laptops computers are just like desktops, except portable. Because of portability, the parts must be small enough to fit inside. Often, these parts are not interchangeable between a different make and model of the laptop. Dismantling a laptop computer to replace parts is a unique challenge with each different notebook computer repair, as they are built differently.

  • Laptop computers running slow?
    ...Could require Virus Removal
  • Laptop LCD Repair for a cracked screen
  • Notebook computer doesn't start right
  • Afraid you've lost your data on the Laptop?
  • Broken power connector?
  • Laptop keyboard repair of lost keys
  • Computer repaired quickly?

     I frequently get notebook repair calls about overheating. Often, this is due to people running their laptop computers on carpet, a couch or a bed spread and blocking the CPU cooling fans. Since each laptop computer is so compact, the air vents are not very large. Different Laptops respond differently to overheating by either slowing way down or shutting off completely.

I believe your laptop computer
should spend more time on your desk than mine.