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Computer Virus Definition

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Computer Virus Definition:
Parasitic program designed to spread itself to as many other computers as possible. Virus programs are intentionally written to enter a computer without the users permission or even their knowledge.
     Computer virus definition includes many categories of problems.

     The following are brief descriptions of some of the more common problems.

     New types of problems are introduced on a regular basis.

Trojan Horse Virus

Definition of trojan virus

     The definition of the trojan horse virus comes from Greek mythology. It often appears as a free gift, but later, allows remote access to a hacker who can run programs on your computer or steal your vital personal information.

...Beware of free programs, movies or music etc!

Definition of worm virus

     The definition of a worm virus, or really the difference between a worm and a regular virus is the ability to move from machine to machine on a network or the internet.

Popup Malware
Malware Toolbar

     The definition of malware is simply an abbreviation of 'malicious software.' Popup malware usually tries to convince you to part with your money. The malware toolbar wants your constant attention.

DNS malware

     The (Domain Name Server) DNS malware is especially dangerous. The internet prefers to operate with numbers, but people remember names better. DNS does that translation for you.

     Your ISP has their own DNS servers. Your local machine has tools to jump right to a site if you program it (hosts). DNS malware uses this to go to fraudulent pages. You could assume they are OK, like your bank, but they really belong to a phishing scam.

     A good Internet Security program tests for this too. In fact, one clue to having DNS malware is your Internet Security updates won't want to download properly. Check your 'hosts' file.

Phishing scam definition

     Phishing scams are the internet version of the old confidence game. Anybody can appear to be anything they want to be. This can be advantageous with some handicaps (people are appreciated for their mind first), but it can also be used to scam other people.

     The cartoon at the right does a great job of illustrating some wisdom about the internet world.

     The Microsoft phishing filter has a Microsoft phishing filter pop up. There is only an IE8 phishing filter and the phishing IE7 filter. Older Internet Explorer versions include no phishing filters. Better filters are available with the best Internet Security Programs anyway.

     Almost everybody has won the phish lottery or ebay phish tickets at least once. Don't believe any of this! Most phishing lures and expeditions are attempting some form of identity theft or just to empty your bank accounts.

     For instance, if you get email from the IRS or a bank, you should wonder why. They don't usually send email unless you are aware of something in the first place. They should definitely know all of your personal numbers as well, so if they ask, definetly doubt them!

     If you think this might be legitimate, DO NOT use the links in the email. Look them up somewhere you know is legitimate. Then you can ask (or report) about the real problem.

Define rogue protection

     The rogue protection utility is especially insidious. This rogue malware masquerades as protection. The rogue trojan can be a huge problem themselves, as they install more problems.

     The rogue scan or rogue cleaner usually appears from out of nowhere, claiming to have found an internet security problem on your computer. It becomes really annoying, and they want money to install their "internet security help" for you. They also tend to disable all real internet security programs.

     Sometimes a registry cleaner rogue is sold to the user and provides gaps allowing their team of hackers access. The term rogue trojan is quite descriptive.

...Don't give in! You'd be really sorry.

Firewall Software Definition

     First, let's describe a software firewall. On your computer, many internet functions communicate with the outside world through ports. Each function has its own port, for instance SMTP (outgoing mail) is port 25 while port 110 is the POP3 (incoming mail).

     There are about 65,000 port addresses. While some are legitimate, most could be openings for devious people. The best pc firewall software closes all the ports, then opens just the ones needed. It then defines who is allowed to use each port. You can see the list of port numbers.

     If someone gets through your ports, there are lots of malicious things they can do. They can even run programs, which is really dangerous.

     The Windows firewall software started with Windows XP. Of course, every hacker knows this firewall.

...get the best firewall software program

Zombie computer definition

     Having a zombie on your computer can be a real parasite. A computer zombie sends spam email, provides all kinds of illicit materials on the internet without your knowledge.

     If you have a zombie, you could get blamed for everything your zombie computer does, so you really need a zombie computer fixed, before you get a visit from law enforcement.

Boot sector virus definition

     The definition of boot sector virus requires knowledge of the boot sector. The boot sector is the first thing read from the hard disk when your computer starts. The boot sector defines the hard disk structure so your computer can find everything.

Adware Spyware Downloads

     Lately, the most predominant method of infection is through email. But, they can also arrive in files from a disk, memory sticks, CD's or through any type of network, including the internet.

     Adware and Spyware are relatively new problems. Virus' were mostly developed in secrecy. People often picture a kid with nothing to do after school before their parents come home. A way to become famous, but not too famous. Adware and Spyware is a whole new game. Now, many of them even make a profit.

     One of the scariest items in the Spyware arsenal is the keystroke loggers. Even passwords and credit card numbers can be stolen through this malicious annoyance.

Obvious symptoms of Adware are those
pesky pop-ups
or your machine slows down

     Don't rush out and get a "Pop-Up Blocker." The Adware is already taking your resources to gather ads (that's why your machine is running slower). A pop-up blocker just uses more resources to block the pop-ups.

     Eventually, this process ends up giving all your resources to the Adware and the Pop-up blockers, leaving no resources to get your work done.

Best anti virus spyware downloads

     Getting rid of these annoyances is easy if you have good anti virus spyware downloads, that do it all.

     If you have separate tools, they may leave gaps between functions. Besides, most scanning tools do similar things, and having separate tools is redundant, takes more machine resources and slows down the computer.

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