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Anti Spam Review
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Anti Spam Review

anti spam review      Spam is email that really isn't targeted to the reader. Anybody who receives email, knows spam when they see it. The simple response to spam is 'delete!'

     Adware and Spyware sends junk mail to everyone. Postal junk mail (snail mail) is limited by a 44¢ cost per item. The internet is a bit different, but sending thousands of emails does take serious server resources. Most ISP's (Internet Service Providers) want extra for this huge expenditure of server time.

     Many people would detest knowing their machine was acting as a "Zombie," participating in product ads they are unknowingly helping to spread.

     This is how Adware and Spam Email shows a profit with lousy conversion rates. It's a lot like borrowing someones postage meter without asking. With good Windows anti virus downloads for windows, you can keep your computer resources for yourself.

     The real problem with spam email is the shear volume. People ask their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to do an anti spam review and deletion. Unfortunately, they also complain if someone can't get legitimate email to them. This leaves the ISP in the precarious position of deciding which emails are really spam.

Spam detection works best in 2 stages
  1. ISP deletes junk from known spammers, along with virus infected emails etc.
  2. User deletes stuff they personally don't want.
     Most ISP's try to block absolute spam, but leave the rest for the customer to decide. It isn't unusual during an ISP's anti spam review, to block many times more spam emails than legitimate email, and still have junk sneak through. Spammers are constantly innovating new ways to sneak junk into your inbox.

     An ISP should block email from known spam sources. You might think they should also block emails with certain word combinations. This becomes problematic. For instance, some customers have medical conditions requiring some of those pesky drug names. Deleting emails from their doctor could create problems much worse than spam.

     In response, most ISP's give each email a spam score. As each email is checked, different problems add appropriately to the score. Once the score surpasses acceptable levels, they are marked or deleted.

Personal Anti Spam Review

     AVG Internet Security works for anti spam in outlook. You just need to set your message rules to send the spam messages to junk, or where ever you choose.

     For personal anti spam review, I like using Thunderbird Email. It allows you to program your spam filters. Each time you mark junk, Thunderbird remembers what you blocked and tries to block similar things later.

     Make sure you check your Thunderbird junk folder regularly. You might find messages you actually want in there. You need to unjunk the good messages. This also helps program the spam filters. I check and delete my junk folders daily, for simplicity.

Exceptional Internet Security, While You Stay Productive

     Feel safe and confident surfing the internet with AVG Internet Security Program, trusted by over 110 million people around the world. One of the best Anti-Virus downloads for windows.

     Get 2 years of top notch protection from all types of internet threats with a single efficient product. Unlike other products, it doesn't slow your computer down. All for the price of only one year of many other Anti Virus programs.

     Easy to download, install and use. Order AVG Internet Security Programs from secure servers today.

Excellent Features

     AVG Internet Security protects you from Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Adware and Spyware. The firewall excludes malicious intruders and warns of suspicious activity.

     AVG protects you from Root Kits, which attempt administrative control of your machine. The LinkScanner analyzes search results before you visit. The Phishing and Identity Theft protection warns you of suspicious requests.

Aggressive Update Schedule

     With thousands of annoyances being released daily, you need constant security updates (not just weekly). AVG Internet Security Program has the default option to run updates every 4 hours.

Award Winning Reputation

     AVG Internet Security Program has won many awards, including "Best Internet Security Software" by TechWorld, Global Product Excellence Award, ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Testing and even got a "5 Star Rating" from Cnet.

Compatible with
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows and Windows 10

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