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Outlook Express Setup

Internet Services in Nampa Idaho

     Welcome to the MTG EnterPrizes internet services.

     Start up Outlook Express. Pull down the Tools menu and select Accounts...

     Please note that different versions of Outlook Express exist and do not look exactly like the following example. They should include the same information and you should be able to follow along anyway.

Selecting Your Account

     First we need to select your account. If this is your first email address, simply push the Add button and pick mail. If you had a previous email address that you are replacing, I would still add a new one, then later, erase the old email address. Outlook Express often comes with several phantom accounts setup. One of your accounts will say something like "your name." Select that one. It usually indicates that it is the default.

Mail Account Properties (General)

     The Mail Account Properties window should appear (as shown above). The tabs across the top should be set on General.

     The first item is the Mail Account. This is simply your name as you like it to appear on the Internet Accounts list (previous screen). This should be unique and descriptive of the use of this account.

     Under User Information, the Name: should be your name as you want others to see it. The Organization: field is optional.

     The E-mail address: field is mandatory. Your email address should be in the form where username is your actual account name.

     The Reply address: is optional. Some people use this field to have return mail go somewhere else. Some of the spammers use this information to capture your address so they can send you junk mail. I generally suggest leaving this field blank.

Mail Account Properties (Servers)

     Change the tab across the top to Servers. Under Server Information make sure the items read like the boxes below.

     Under Server Information, there are 2 fields indicating server names under the POP3 Server:"
  • POP3 Mail Server (incoming):
  • SMTP Mail Server (outgoing):
     Under Incoming Mail Server, the Account name: should be your email name (with the

     Your Password should show up as '*************' characters. If you do not want to type in your password each time you check your email, simply check the Remember password box. Of course, this means anybody with access to your keyboard can easily read your email (I know, they need a life).

     You also need to check the box titled My Server Requires Authentication which allows username authentication to send email (instead of the server authenticating your IP location). Then select Settings

     Under settings, select "Log on using" and enter your email address and Password. If you want Outlook Express to remember your password, check the "Remember password" box.

Mail Account Properties (Advanced)

     The advanced properties allow us to change the way we talk to servers. The Outgoing mail (SMTP) should be set to 465 , with no check mark on "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)".

     The Incoming mail (POP3) should be set to the default 995 , with no check mark on "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)"

     This should get everything working, but, of course, if you have any trouble, please call us.