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Internet Web Page Hosting

Internet Services in Nampa Idaho

Complete Internet Web Page Hosting Solution

     The internet is so vast, it's easy to get lost. When you make your own web site, there are several steps to follow. Each step must be completed properly, so you can be found. A good internet web page hosting company can take these steps for you to make the entire process simple.

The Basics of Internet Web Page Hosting

  1. Purchase Internet Domain Name
  2. Setup Domain Name Service (DNS)
  3. Reliable Internet Web Page Hosting
  4. Writing the Web Page
  5. Optimize Search Engines so People Can Find You
     MTG EnterPrizes is ready to take these steps for you. Just follow each of the steps above and you too can make your own web site.

Purchase Internet Domain Name

     You can purchase internet domain names in minutes. Stake your claim in the domain registry game quickly, before all the really good names are taken. The cost is surprisingly reasonable, using a secure credit card purchase. The results are immediate.

     Why would you want a domain name? A domain name can be your address forever. Your name can reside just about anywhere. You can change web space vendors, business addresses or even countries and usually keep the same domain name. It's much easier for people to remember a name, than a number.

     A domain name can be much more descriptive of your business. The cost is surprisingly low. Check out the domain name you want. It may still be available.


Setup Domain Name Services (DNS)

     Ever wonder how we find all those web sites on the internet?

     The simple answer is, "Domain Name Services" or DNS for short. In essence, this is a big list that points to many smaller lists. The smaller lists are individual Internet Service Provider Companies (ISP's) and provide specific information for many domains. Each individual domain is represented on the smaller list and may include some fairly complex structure. The world looks to the big list, which directs them to the correct smaller list. Then, the world can find your web page, quickly and easily.

     What does this mean to you? Someone needs to control your DNS. If you signed up your domain name above, we are automatically setup to control your DNS.

     The next step is to point the world to your web space. The following section explains web space.

Reliable Internet Web Page Hosting

     When you make your own web site, one of the most important features is simply "that it works, all the time." Good web space is a must.

     At MTG EnterPrizes, we have found reliable circuits and good equipment. This means virtually no down time.

Web Page Hosting - $25/Month or $280/Year

Writing your Web Page

      In order to make a good web site design, you must concern yourself with several aspects of your web site. It is so easy to click away from a web site.
  • Do visitors come to your web site?
  • Does your web site look good and encourage visitors to browse around in your web site?
  • Is your web site quick, or do visitors leave instead of waiting for web graphics to download?
  • Do visitors find what they are looking for at your web site?
  • Do visitors participate in your web site? Do they buy things or sign up for your services?
  • Do visitors return to your web site?
      Good web design attracts people and convinces them to do things. This can be either simple or complicated. Each page can look very different from one web browser to another. The more complex the design, the more difficult it is to make it look good to everyone, everywhere.

      Graphic files are often a problem with some sites. Are the graphics appropriate or do they detract from the intended message? The end user will not wait forever. Huge graphic files might be pretty, but pretty doesn't matter if nobody waits to see them.

      At MTG EnterPrizes, our web design goals are your goals. We look at the complete picture and try to balance speed, performance and asthetic appeal. We want you to accomplish your goals.

from $60 and Up (hourly, depends on content)

Search Engine Optimization

     The internet is vast. There are so many people clammoring for your attention, it might drive you crazy. Wouldn't it be better to drive them to your site?

     If you want to make a personal web site, with little interest in lots of traffic, then skip this part.

     If you are trying to make money with your web page, then you need to do everything you can to increase appropriate traffic. I would like to emphasize the word "appropriate" and explain the significance. If people come to your site looking for one topic and find something completely different, they are likely to avoid your site in the future. If they find exactly what they are looking for, your visitors will be eager to return, and maybe even refer their friends.

     Search Engine Optimization is an art. Some subjects have lots of strong competition, while other topics have no competition at all. Maybe some aspects of your profession have a huge demand and low supply. How do you know.

     You can try it yourself, but you might want some professional help. A professional can get the job done quicker and more effectively. It depends on your time frame and budget. MTG EnterPrizes has been successfully optimizing for search engines since 1996.

from $60 and Up (hourly, depends on content and your competition)