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Federal Agencies of the USA

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The White House

     The White House is home of the Executive Branch of the Government. The Executive Branch is lead by the President, Vice President and White House staff.
    The Cabinet (along with other federal agencies) are responsible for the enforcement and administration of the federal government.

Legislative Branch

    The Legislative Branch (Congress) of the government consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
    The Constitution grants Congress the authority to enact legislation. They also have the right to confirm or reject many Presidential appointments.

Judicial Branch

    The Federal Judicial court has the sole responsibility to interpret the law, along with the constitutionality of the law.
    The Supreme Court is appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress. Their terms are only limited to their lifetime or impeachment. This allows the Judges to decide Constitutional law without bias as to winning the next election.

Other Agencies

    A few agencies are independent. This really means, they work for more than one agency.